Why Do You Need Dental X-rays?

Why Do You Need Dental X-rays

When visiting the dentist, you’ll more than likely be asked to step into a private room for an X-ray of your mouth. However, why do you need dental x-rays? While this may seem tedious and unnecessary, X-rays are more valuable to you and the dentist than you might think. X-ray pictures help the dentist to see parts of your oral anatomy that aren’t clear to the naked eye. With X-ray results, your dentist will better understand your mouth structure. therefore, we’ll be better able to provide you with personalized, efficient treatment.

If your dentist asks you to sit for an X-ray, it’s more than likely for one of the following 5 reasons.

Why Do You Need Dental X-rays? 5 Main Reasons

1. Oral Health Baseline

If you’re a new patient, it’s standard procedure for us to take an X-ray during your first consultation. This helps the dentist get a general idea of what’s going on inside your mouth. This is especially true for the parts that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

2. Cavity Detection

In their early stages of development, cavities are almost invisible on the surface of the teeth. This makes them nearly impossible to detect. An X-ray helps to locate cavities of any age and size. X-rays show even the hardest to reach places, like underneath fillings and between teeth.

3. Assessing Your Bite

X-rays give dentists a perfect view of how exactly your top and bottom teeth line up. This helps the dentist avoid potential issues and act on prevention methods. In addition, it helps us make a personalized plan for how to go about any treatments in your mouth. Assessing the bite of a patient also helps a dentist prepare an orthodontist recommendation. That is, if you need one.

4. Planning for Treatments

Having an X-ray taken helps your dentist get to know your mouth enough to be able to plan for a variety of potential treatments, such as fillings, cleanings, extractions, dentures, and more. The structure of your jaw, teeth, gums, and other oral components play a large role in how dental procedures should be performed.

5. Identifying More Serious Oral Health Conditions

Like premature cavities, some serious oral health problems may be difficult or nearly impossible to find with the naked eye. An X-ray allows the dentist to be able to look in-depth at your mouth so that any oral conditions can be identified. In this case, a dentist will be able to locate any abscesses, tooth cracks, infections, impacted teeth, cysts, and other oral abnormalities that may need immediate care.

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