$49 Exam &

*New Patients Only

Are you in need of a dental check-up? You won’t need insurance with our special offer! For just $49, allow our team to provide a focused exam and x-ray. This is for a limited area of concern, like one tooth that is bothering them or painful.

This special may be perfect for you if you have a specific area of pain and want to be seen as soon as possible.

We can also answer any questions you may have and inform you of any dental concerns. Get the care you need to maintain a healthy smile! If you are searching for a dentist in Cleveland, TN, call our team or schedule an appointment online today!

Book Your Appointment

Looking for a dentist? Call our office or use our online scheduling to book your visit today!

Patient Experience

We place a high value on patient comfort in our office and offer a variety of options for patients to feel relaxed during their visit.

Advanced Technology

In our office, we utilize the latest dental technology in the area to bring better dental care and service to our patients.


Patients at our practice can benefit from our quick and simple services, such as same-day crowns, placed in one appointment!

Membership Plan

Our membership plan can be used by patients without insurance coverage to assist with financing dental services.

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