Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost
Dental FAQ

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

When it comes to tooth replacement, many options exist, but none even compare to dental implants. Implants provide stability, comfort, enhanced appearance, and preservation of …

What is the Most Complicated Dental Procedure
Dental FAQ

What is the Most Complicated Dental Procedure?

Let’s face it, a visit to the dentist is no picnic. Almost everybody fears – or at least is uncomfortable with – visiting the dentist. …

What is a Healthy Oral Environment
Dental FAQ

What is a Healthy Oral Environment?

The oral environment is a delicate one. It requires a very fragile balance between all the structures inside it, including the teeth, gums, bones, and …

Different Types of Crowns
Dental FAQ

4 Different Types of Crowns & Their Uses

Dental crowns are one of the most common dental procedures we perform. A crown is an artificial structure that surrounds the tooth. The goal is …

what is fluoride
Dental FAQ

What is Fluoride? 3 Myths & Facts

Toothpaste is designed to give multiple benefits, such as making cleaning more efficient and giving you fresh breath. In addition, it helps to prevent plaque …

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