Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays

Medicine is all about the correct diagnosis. If you know what you’re facing, then odds are you’ll be able to treat it. That’s where dental X-rays come into play. X-rays can help us visualize your specific needs, and therefore achieve a correct diagnosis and build an accurate treatment plan. So, it is not a question of “why do you need dental x-rays” – it’s what we would do without them.

For decades, dental X-rays have been a key diagnostic tool that is indispensable to any dentist. For example, a thorough inspection and accurate vision can detect most problems that are visible inside the mouth. Problems like a decayed tooth or inflamed gums would be in that category. However, there is a whole other world beneath the gums and bone that is invisible to the naked eye.

How Do X-Rays Work?

The X-ray system is composed of 2 main components.

1. An X-Ray Machine

This is the machine responsible for producing the beam of X-rays.

2. An X-ray Receptor

This is the film that is placed inside the mouth.

The X-ray machine creates a beam of mild radiation that reaches the film inside the mouth through the tissues (teeth, gums, bones, and all). This film is developed much like an ordinary photograph, producing an image in black and white. The white areas are the solid areas (teeth and bone). However, the black areas are the empty or less dense areas such as decay, abscess, etc.

Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

As we mentioned, dental X-rays are needed to visualize what we can’t see with our own eyes inside the mouth. Here are some instances where X-rays are needed:

Dental Abscess

An infection that usually originates below the roots of the teeth, and can only be seen with x-rays.

Decay Between the Teeth

Decay on the surface of the teeth can be seen easily with the eyes. However, what if the decay is between the teeth in those hidden areas?

During Root Canal Treatment

Almost the entire root canal procedure is done inside the root, in an area invisible to the naked eye. Only X-rays can tell if the procedure is accurate.

Before Teeth Extraction

Before we attempt to remove a tooth, we need to see what the bone around it looks like. That can only be done with X-rays.

X-rays are an absolute necessity in the dental field and have developed greatly over the years to involve more digital technology which is a big asset in today’s world.

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