Periodontal Care

Gum disease is very common and begins many times before patients notice any symptoms. For periodontal care, consistent check-ups are important in catching the earliest signs of gum disease. There are several ways our team provides periodontal care from scaling and root planing to laser therapy. If you need help with gum disease in the Tennessee area, we’re here to help! Call our team today to schedule a visit with us!

Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a two-part treatment that first removes all plaque and tartar buildup both above and below the gumline through a process called scaling. Then, root planing is performed to smooth the tooth roots and help them reattach to the gums. Scaling and root planing is effective in helping to treat the symptoms of periodontal disease.

Gum Grafting 

Periodontal disease eliminates areas of gum tissue over time. Gum grafting is performed to replace gum tissue in areas where little or none exists. Gum grafting helps to restore the gums from the effects of gum disease. 

Affordable Care for Gum Disease

At Winn Smiles, we are pleased to offer a membership plan designed for patients with periodontal disease. This plan offers four dental cleanings throughout the year to help patients maintain a healthy smile and avoid further effects of gum disease. For a low monthly payment, you can keep up on your oral health and consistently receive the care that you need. Call our team to learn more about our in-house membership plan! 

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