What is the Most Complicated Dental Procedure?

What is the Most Complicated Dental Procedure

Let’s face it, a visit to the dentist is no picnic. Almost everybody fears – or at least is uncomfortable with – visiting the dentist. The long wait, the prolonged treatment time, expected pain both during and after the procedure are all very good reasons. All dentists are aware of that fear. For that reason, we try to do our best in providing a very comfortable environment to alleviate your fear.

But there is a question between patients as well as dentists: “What is the most complicated dental procedure?” Everybody has a point of view. However, in our opinion, we believe that root canal treatments are the most complicated for both patients and dentists.

What is the Most Complicated Dental Procedure?

Most dental procedures range between 30 and 45 minutes. However, the more complicated procedures such as surgical extractions may take up to 2 hours. Additionally, time is not the only factor to determine the complexity of the treatment. We also account for the amount of effort and attention to detail it takes to properly perform the procedure and ensure good results.

That is why in our opinion, root canal treatments are definitely the hardest. They take between 45 and 90 minutes on average. They also require the use of very fine instruments and extreme attention to detail (bear in mind we’re working with half a millimeter here). However, “complicated” doesn’t have to mean “hard.” Our dentists have extensive training to serve your needs well.

How are Root Canal Treatments Performed?

Root canal treatments usually start by gaining access to the root canal system and removal of all the decay using a dental turbine. This action exposes the root canal system (which is a group of elongated tubes running through the length of the roots). The dentist then uses small, needle-like instruments known as files to clean these tubes, together with an irrigation system that disinfects the canals from debris and bacteria. Next, the tubes are filled with specialized filling. Finally, the access cavity is sealed with a tooth-colored filling.

We understand that this explanation may not be enough to explain our answer to the question of “what is the most complicated dental procedure.” However, the intricacy of this procedure can’t be overstated. The root canals (or tubes) are a quarter of a millimeter thin, and the entire access cavity is about 5 mm wide. Very careful manipulation and highly specialized equipment – not to mention an exceptionally skilled dentist – are all vital to the success of the treatment.

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