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Thanksgiving Recipes

This Thanksgiving, we’re sharing some of our team’s favorite holiday recipes, fresh from their kitchen table.

We have recipes for cookies, casseroles, and cake. Enjoy! (And let us know how they taste)

Jodie's Corner

We love getting feedback from our patients. Every month, Jodie gathers all the reviews from the month and reads them! If you’d like your review to be read, submit one to one of our locations, and Jodie will read it!

Patient Testimony

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Dental Spotlight:
How to Maximize your Benefits

We know the holidays can be hectic, but we don’t want you to miss out on covered dental services this season. Remember, dental benefits reset at the beginning of each calendar year and any unused benefits for 2022 will expire on December 31.


It is hard enough working with insurance companies to cover essential services, so if you have extra benefits left for the calendar year, be sure to use them! Taking advantage of all your covered dental services can benefit both your personal health and your personal finances. Our team at Winn Smiles is happy to do a complimentary insurance breakdown to help you identify any potential procedures covered during the last few weeks of 2022. 


Our team is happy to help you schedule your treatments and take advantage of these savings. And as a holiday gift to you, we are adding a $100 deductible match on treatments over $1,000 if you schedule your procedure before the end of the year!

Want more information? Click here to find your closest office and give us a call!


Don’t leave money on the table this holiday season! Let our scheduling experts help you maximize your health and your savings while our skilled providers ensure you receive the care you deserve.

Want more information?

Use the map below to find your closest office and give us a call!

The Pumpkin Contest

In celebration of Halloween, our Cleveland and Shallowford teams held an office-wide competition for the most festive pumpkin, and it was a real nail biter! Each team member decorated a pumpkin to display in our waiting rooms and patients voted on their favorite! Thank you to everyone who supported our internal art contest! The results were as creative and unique as our boo-tiful teammates!

At our Cleveland office, Jessica McCormick won first place with her Dino-egg pumpkin–it really cracked us up! Kaci Duggan came in second with her Baby Yoda pumpkin as she had the power of the literal Force on her side, and Dr. Kayla tied with Shannon Jones for third with their Dapper Pug–so fancy– and Spa Lady pumpkins, respectively. Honorable mention goes out to Kaci O’s Wilson pumpkin because #castawayforever.  

At our Shallowford office, Emily Leatherwood won first place with her spider pumpkin (shown left), and Emily didn’t leave this contest to chance! Out of all the contestants, Emily didn’t rely on sheer artistic talent, she campaigned for her victory as well, which we all respected. She more than earned that win!  Maggie won second place with her cat pumpkin–so purrfect, and Kim came in third with her tall, green and spooky pumpkin man, a real dream guy, albeit a spooky dream . 

We are already looking forward to next year’s contest! 


Boo In The Zoo

Winn Smiles was a proud sponsor of the Chattanooga Zoo’s annual Boo-in-the-Zoo event, a family-friendly celebration filled with merry-not-scary decorations, trick-or-treat stations, scavenger hunts, costume contests, and more. Chattanooga does a great job at providing its community with opportunities to connect, and we were so thrilled to participate this year! 

Although our booth’s theme was the “Scream Team”, the Winn Smiles crew proved once again to be the dream team. Everyone came together to lend their unique strengths and talents to this community project, volunteering their time and effort to make this happen and we are just so grateful for their support to our community, both in and out of our office!! One of our team members made a six-foot tall ice cream truck, another painted the truck and made aprons, some assembled gift bags, and some distributed over 400 treat bags to the kids! So many smiles from our team and our happy trick-or-treaters that night, it was truly one of the best nights of the year! We are already looking forward to and planning for next year! 

A special shout-out goes to Karol Brigham, the winner of our Boo-in-the-Zoo ticket giveaway! Patients who left us a review during the month of October were entered into a drawing for three tickets to the event. Karol was that winner, and she had a wonderful time at Boo-in-the-Zoo with her girls! Thank you for the review! We appreciate the support so much!

Boo in the Zoo flyer

Check out more Boo in the Zoo pictures below!

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